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Product Info

Mobile Hand Module Mobile Hand Module,Track systems amounth of fuel disposal at gas stations are transmitted to Mobile Hand Module. The RF transmission has maximum 4 km range and can receive data from both mecanical and electronical counter through Pulser Module. The LCD unit integrated to device displays the disposal emounth with 3 seconds periods. The major advantage of the system is the fact that the tanker crew can leave the tanker during long time disposals.

Audio warning feature of the product provides a feedback to user,if the last 10% and 5% periods of the disposal are entered.The product works with two rechargable batteries and supports quitely user friedly features . While the audio warning feature can be enabled or disabled with single button; battery charge, signal strength and other operation related information are provided through 4 digit Seven Segment LCD display.

Operating Voltage : 4 AAA size 1,2V NiMH battery