Eresense, located in Istanbul University Technology Development Center (since 2009), specializes in GPRS telemetry and GPS tracking systems. Eresense is developing innovative GPRS remote control, GPS-based asset-tracking and fleet-management systems, always guaranteeing to be your solution provider. Eresense increases the fleet efficiency, reduces operating costs, and improves customer service for companies.

Eresense's advantage is the custom design capabilities for remote sensing, remote control, fleet-management software and hardware while utilizing the proficiency of GPS tracking system technology.Our tracking and telemetry systems provide the ability to pinpoint your asset’s location while supplying rapid and updated remote information, including temperature, proximity, speed, location, and direction. We specialize in creating GPS tracking systems to provide endless capabilities to assist in streamlining your day-to-day operations and to take control of your mobile assets. Cost effectiveness and customer service are our top priorities.

Eresense is targeting to be one of the leader companies in GPRS telemetry, GPS based Asset Tracking and Fleet Management systems by positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of advanced technology and creating new products that enhance the industry

We have researched the GPS industry and scoured the globe to find a diverse selection of GPS asset/fleet management options. Eresense will help you select a solution customized specifically for your business or personal requirements and budget.

If you are considering the installation of a vehicle tracking or remote management systems for your company, take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to help you select a system that will meet your needs. We will save you hours of time by quickly educating you on the GPS tracking and GPRS telemetry systems's market to help you select the right product for your needs. So save time and money by calling us today, or browse our site to learn more.